10 minutes in alternative heaven

This quiz is for all ages and genders to play. choose between a punk kid, a rocker or a scene kid. Each result ends happily. this is my second quiz ever.

please enjoy. thinking up questions for 10 minutes in heaven was not an easy task so if you have any ways for me to be a better quiz maker please rate and comment. thanks!

Created by: ZariahRoze
  1. Julie and a few of your other friends want to play 10 minuted in heaven. "But let's keep it PG!" *you're right Julie*
  2. Julie and three of your friends have already gone... you're next! who do you want?
  3. Ha, just kiding you're not next. what do you like listening to?
  4. pizza?
  5. 4 more questions.
  6. i know you want your result but i have to have more questions. fave color?
  7. Julie: okay, youve got to wait two minutes until it's your turn in the pantry... now, if you steal my food, it wont be a heaven. Understood?
  8. Last question. its all up to fate now!!! pick an item. Julie: it's your turn!
  9. JUST Kidding!!!!!!!!
  10. This is the real last question. this will determine your 10 minutes in Heaven partner. pick one.

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