The Demon Girl part 2

READ!!! this is part 2 to my novel quiz thing. quik recap: the guys explained that they were demons and stuff and you were sitting down to a very awkward dinner and then you heard someone knocking! O.O

READ IF YOU WANT TO THIS PART DOESNT MATTER UNLESS YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE: Michael; short wavy black hair and misty green eyes, oldest. Joey; 2nd oldest, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Connor; 2nd youngest, light brown hair and eyes. Gabe; dark brown hair and maroon eyes.

Created by: petziez

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  1. You wake up on a couch in a strange house, it seems to be a living room. Against one wall there is a built in book shelf, with two chairs in front of it. A hallway is on the opposite side from the book shelf, and a fireplace on the far wall. A coffee table in the middle of the room. You survey the room again and see someone else in the room sitting on one of the chairs, reading, he doesn't seem to notice you so you get up to leave, but feel a sharp pain course through your entire body. The pain makes it impossible to stand so you're forced to fall back on the couch. "I wouldn't get up again if I were you," the guy in the corner says, not looking up.
  2. "Hmph…" You try to stand again despite what he said, and before you even get half the way up, you fall back on the couch. "OW! what the heck?" You say, feeling utterly frustrated. "Hey guys! She's awake!" the guy in the corner calls. You hear another unfamiliar voice say, "Coming Mike, just a minute!" he sounds slightly irritated. You hear some movement in other rooms…
  3. You first see Sarah come in, she is so happy she leaps up and hugs you, sending terrible shocks through your body. "Yay! You're awake!" she says excitedly. "Ow!" you shout, she immediately lets go, a shameful look on her face. Joey comes in with another guy, he has dark brown hair and maroon eyes. He turns on a lamp as he comes in as none of the lights were on earlier. You see the guy in the corner in clear light now, he has short black hair and slightly misty green eyes.
  4. The guy in the corner smirks and says, "I didn't know we needed a goth chick." You look down at your clothes and see a red and black striped shirt, a gray skirt, and tall black boots. You're upset, even if you were wearing a dark outfit that was no reason to call you a goth! (of course unless you are :]) You try to stand up again but then, instead of the pain all throughout your body, it's all collected in your head, giving you a massive headache. You almost scream from the pain, and Joey comes over to force you to sit back down. "Mike quit doing that!" Joey says to the black haired guy. "And I said to stop calling me Mike!" "Well it's quicker than saying Michael, when we're fighting or something," says Connor as he comes in.
  5. Joey clears his throat, everyone else seems a bit hesitant to speak. "Well, you're probably wondering why you're here, huh?"
  6. "Well, first we need to introduce Michael and Gabriel," Joey says motioning to them. Gabriel gives you a small smile and Michael just scowls and goes back to reading. "Ok… well…" Joey seems to be sorting out in his head how to tell you this, "We're… not normal…." 'oh great' you think. Joey tries to start again but doesn't seem to be able to bring himself to. After a short silence, Michael blurts out saying, "We're demons! Okay? i couldn't concentrate with all that tension!" You are:
  7. Joey looks at your expression and laughs nervously. "Well, not bad Demons,'cause most people grow up hearing about demons destroying people, taking over and etcetera…" Michael continues, not looking up, "Then there are the 'good demons' which are us and a society of some others. We go around looking for the 'bad demons'." He left off for a few seconds for your mind to process what he said and then continued. "The way that demons, good or bad, get more power is to take the soul of the others. There are some demons we haven't found yet in a huge organization. It's one of those get powerful, take over situations. You should know that demons came from another world generations ago. There was a war then too, some demons were greedy, and wanted another world to taint and make completely dark. We won that time, but some of them escaped, apparently to get more prepared and come back even stronger, which is why we…" he chuckles quietly, "need you."
  8. Michael seems to been absorbed back into his book so Gabe (Gabriel) continues "See, You're a demon too, but your ancestors are the ones who won the war for us. And there was huge prophecy that the one born from them would be 'the chosen', that's you, and Sarah is from a band of warriors, she was a smaller deal than you but still pretty big."
  9. "So why do you need me? Why not someone else?" You ask somewhat skeptically. "Didn't we already tell you that?" Connor asks, kinda annoyed, "You are a demon! We are demons! You are in danger! We can help you and you can help us get it?!" He says it like he's explaining to a 5-year old. You feel:
  10. "Ya I get it…" you say, even though you're still a little skeptical. "Well, then it's time for dinner!" says Michael, bending the corner of his page, closing his book, and walking out of the room. "Ya, i guess so," Connor says a bit of annoyance still in his voice. Gabe follows after Connor, and Joey gives you kind of a sad look before leaving. Sarah gives you a confused look before taking your hand and saying "Let's go eat! I'm starved!" When Sarah shows you to the dining room, you sit down and choose what to eat?
  11. Just as you're almost half-way through a very awkward dinner, you hear a knock, knock, knock. Everyone tenses up… Except for Sarah, she doesn't know what's going on at all. :P
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