Senior Hall of Fame Quiz

There are many labels in this world, though none so important as the end-all-be-all high school yearbook Hall of Fame title. This challenge goes out to all in the Hoquiam High School Class of 1995....

Get your memory groove on (no cheating like you did in high school) and show the world how the Hall of Fame has left it's venerable impression on your young mind.

Created by: Beth
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who was the cutest couple?
  2. Who were the friendliest?
  3. Who were the craziest drivers?
  4. Who had the best physique?
  5. Who were the most easily embarrassed?
  6. Who were the class clowns?
  7. Who had the best personality?
  8. Who were the class flirts?
  9. Who were the hacky sac King & Queen?
  10. Who was most likely to succeed?

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