Seekers Quiz The Quest Begins

You can find more cool things to do at or you can try to see wheather you need some improving to do or you are so smart you could rewrite the book better!

For these results, make sure you can take it. You may need balloons, confetti, tissues, or just a plain congrats! Thanks for taking this long, funny, strage, quiz. And thanks for taking the time to read this.

Created by: something u dont need 2 no
  1. What kind of bear was Kallik?
  2. Who lived in the Bear Bowl?
  3. Who's brother died?
  4. Why did Lusa Come out of the Bear Bowl?
  5. Does Kallik exist?
  6. Does Tocklo find Kallik?
  7. Can Kallik fly?
  8. Did Tocklo die trying to find Kallik?
  9. Is Lusa a bear or a Spirit that killed Tocklo while he was trying to find Kallik?
  10. Was this quiz smart, weird, strange, or was number four always stupid?

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