Scholarly Articles

This quiz offers a follow-up to our last library session on the difference between the three main types of publications and the process of peer review.

Can you remember the differences between trade, popular, and scholarly articles, and the types of publications that are peer reviewed? Find out by taking the quiz!

Created by: Gina
  1. Peer-reviewed journals are always scholarly, but scholarly journals are not always peer reviewed.
  2. Peer-review journals may also include articles that are not peer-reviewed, such as an editorial or letter.
  3. Scholarly publications are written for a general audience.
  4. Peer review is a process involving the evaluation of an article that has been submitted for publishing.
  5. Peer review ensures that poor-quality articles are never published.
  6. Periodicals refer to publications that are published at regular intervals.
  7. Popular magazines are credible sources of information because they are written by experts in the field.
  8. Trade journals contain information on news and trends specific to a field or industry.
  9. The best way to be sure that an article is peer reviewed is to verify that the journal is peer reviewed and identify what type of content the publication is.
  10. Primary research articles are typically not peer reviewed.

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