Basic Searching

This quiz is about testing your knowledge of basic searching when trying to find credible articles for your research assignment. There are different ways to limit your search.

Limit your search for better search results by using Research Starter to find overview articles, by checking the peer reviewed box, by using Boolean operators, and by using quotations around search terms for finding articles for your research assignment.

Created by: Student

  1. Why use the Boolean operator AND between search terms?
  2. What is another way to limit search results?
  3. Limit search results by?
  4. For finding Peer Reviewed articles, make sure to...?
  5. How do you limit articles by most recent date before searching?
  6. Is selecting a source type (books, journals, videos) a way to limit search results?
  7. What is Research Starter?
  8. What is a Peer Reviewed article?
  9. What is QuickSearch?
  10. What are overview articles?

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