What Guy Is For You??

Many girls wonder... Who am I really meant to be with. I have been searching but never really found someone that was right for me who should I choose?

This quiz gives an insight on the stereotypes you seem to be searching for and to narrow things down a bit maybe you should try looking in these areas!!

Created by: linda
  1. What sort of gift would you like to receive from your perfect guy?
  2. What is your perfect guys best quality??
  3. What would your perfect guy do in his spare time??
  4. How does your guy like your hair??
  5. What would be the perfect scenario for your perfect first kiss be with your perfect guy?
  6. What are your boys interests (other than you.)
  7. What would your perfect guy do if you were sick?
  8. How would your perfect guy treat you?
  9. What is your perfect boys kissing style?
  10. And finally... How would your perfect guy ask you out?

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