What to be for Halloween (Girls)

Many costumes are out there, but only so many are used. Most girls find it difficult to find a good costume. I found some very unique costumes that not many people will have. I hope you enjoy my quiz.

Do you have a Halloween costume yet? Or are you still searching for ideas? It's easy to find one that you like, but it may not be affordable. These costumes are DIY and cheap. I hope you enjoyed my quiz.

Created by: Lima

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What's the music that you listen too on your way to school?
  2. Fav color....
  3. Best thing I own......
  4. Best accessory....
  5. Fav food.......
  6. Choose one
  7. My previous Halloween costumes were:
  8. Eh it's done just chose one
  9. Continue the randomness
  10. If u had kids when ur older, what would you dress them as?
  11. Choose wisely sorry if this bores u

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