What's your style? PLUS! Where to shop!

I made this quiz for fun! I think fashion is the coolest because everybody has their own unique style!

This is not meant to match you PERFECTLY!!! It is meant to give you a new perspective and maybe some new ideas! Please choose the answer the MOST like what you would say ;)

Created by: Alai

  1. You are going to the beach you wear...
  2. All hats are 1 for 4$ at a local shop, you buy...
  3. You are getting dressed on a rushed school morning, you throw on...
  4. If you could go anywhere in the world, you'd go to...
  5. How would you dress up a plain blue T-shirt?
  6. Should you wear a necklace with a shirt that has detailing around the neck?
  7. Pick one!
  8. Combinations: which would you(most likely) wear?
  9. Say cheese! It's picture day! What do you wear?
  10. What kind of store would you shop at?

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Quiz topic: What's my style? PLUS! Where to shop!