Pre Module Quiz

Remember, this is just a pre test to see what you already know about sending queries. You may be a very experienced coder or you may just be getting started, either way just answer the questions the best you can!

Queries can be a very difficult process which is the reason we are having this training session on them. In just a few minutes, you will know where you stand on your knowledge of queries!

Created by: Marisa Medrano

  1. What is the purpose of a query? (select the best answer)
  2. Who should a query be sent to?
  3. Queries should be made in all of the following situations EXCEPT:
  4. A physician's response to the query may be documented in any of the following EXCEPT:
  5. When two or more providers document conflicting information, who should be queried?
  6. True/False: You should query a physician when you question their medical judgment.
  7. Which of the following contains all necessary information needed on the query form?
  8. True/False: When you receive a verbal answer to a query, you are allowed to edit the medical record to reflect the change.
  9. True/False: a single query form can be used to address multiple questions
  10. True/False: When a provider does not answer a query, you do not code.

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