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Do you know your articles? It may be the easiest part of grammar to learn but many still make mistakes when using them. Find out how whether you know your articles or not.

What are articles? Have you heard of them before? Articles are part of the English grammar that is introduced to children formally in primary schools. Find out how much you know about them by taking this quiz.

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  1. _______ orange
  2. __________ bag
  3. ________ university
  4. _______ umbrella
  5. Mr. Lee took _____ taxi to work this morning.
  6. _____ sun sets in ____ west.
  7. Zamri ate ____ apple just now. ____ apple was given to him by Siew Fung.
  8. Kumar is _____ hotel manager. He works at ______ Hilton Hotel in Kuching.
  9. That is _____ boy who drew graffiti on the wall.
  10. Kenny bought ____ book, ____ eraser and ____ umbrella just now.

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