How well do you know Africa?

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This quiz tests your knowledge on the subject of Africa! At the end of this test you will know how much you actually already knew about Africa but you will also gain information while you fill out this quiz. Just have fun and try your best!

Do you consider yourself to be a real "connaisseur" of Africa? Have you got the guts and the brainpower to test you knowledge and qualify yourself for the title of genius? Take this test and find out!

Created by: Ms. M.V.W. of this site
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  1. 1. What’s the name of the largest desert in world?
  2. 2. How many different languages do they speak in Africa?
  3. 3. Africa is the …………… largest continent on earth
  4. 4. What is the name of Africa’s longest river?
  5. 5. How many countries are there in Africa?
  6. 6. Africa is the source of many of the world’s.
  7. 7. What animals transport goods across Africa’s Sahara Desert?
  8. 8. What mountain would you climb to reach the highest point in Africa?
  9. 9. The richest countries in Africa are?
  10. 10. ........ Has more than 30% of the world's diamond reserve.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Africa?