How much do you know of South Africa

So many quizzes so little time! Take your brain for a walk on the wild side! See how many of the questions you can answer without asking your mommy. C'mon and see the world through an entirely novel point of view

This will Quiz you on a little place called South Africa. Go ahead and knock yourself out! You can only learn from your mistakes. Tell your friends about this quiz and spread the knowlege!

Created by: Inge

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  1. Where is South Africa
  2. In Which Hemisphere is South Africa
  3. How many National Anthems does SA have?
  4. What is Biltong?
  5. Who is the current SA President?
  6. What is an Impala
  7. When is the South African XMAS?
  8. Pick two oceans that are relevant to South Africa
  9. South Africa is a country
  10. South Africa's Capitol is

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Quiz topic: How much do I know of South Africa