Scary British love story part 2

I love you and one direction but mostly one direction ^so how about some random letters!!!! Dang it! I can't do random letters right now this sucks! ^so ya contest next paragraph.

Girl I see it in your eyes your dissapointed cause I'm the foolish one that u anointed with your heart I tore it apart and girl what a mess I made upon your inoscence and no woman in the world deserves this but here I ^am asking u for one more chance first person to get the song righ in the comments will b in my next part go! Oh describe yourself also

Created by: doterofApollo

  1. Okayzers ^so we ended at sitting by my grandma...........
  2. He was right behind me ^so I tried to make fun of him with it. "so grandmother, how is my cousin? Is he well? I bet he is a jerk because he nearly ran me over with his truck." she seemed to be enjoying that I was trying to make him mad. ^so I said,"I wouldn't ever want to think I know someone wigout ever meeting him but he nearly killed me sooooo." after I said that he slammed down a book that was hardback by the sound of it and lifted me by the arm out of the chair and turned me to face him but when he saw my face he let go of me and walked away. Call me weird, but that was very odd.
  3. "what was that about?" I asked "oh nothing he just gets mad easily." "^so he has ami?" "what is ami?" "anger management issues...?" "how about you go up to his room and talk to him. " I left the library after that. I went upstairs and saw a room with a parshally open door and I went to it
  4. I opened the door and standing there was him. (srry I forgot his name but I will make it Matt, if it was already Matt then ignore this.) "GET OUT OF MY ROOM! BEFORE I KILL YOU!" I got out as fast as I could and ran to my room.
  5. I got my phone out only to realize that there was no signal here. "damn it." then matt walked into my room and locked the door behind him. I started going to the farthest corner of my room. "I ^am not going to hurt u I swear I only said that ^so that u would get out of my room. Of course if u don't listen to me, I will kill you."
  6. "Just listen. I ^am not as bad as u think. I only said that u didn't belong here because if u came grandmother wouldn't be the same." his British accent was ^so cute.
  7. I was still abit afraid. ^so I stayed where I was. He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him and kissed me. Even if we were cousins it was awesome.
  8. Random questions!!!!!XD
  9. Are u a directioner ???????????????? And if ^so who u love?
  10. What song is ur favourite out of them?

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