s(HE) be(LIE)ve(D) Part 1

A realistic quiz about a regular girl in this world, in a case that is far too common. Self harm. If you hate self harmers get out now because I dont want you commenting crap.

Today is Alisons first day as a freshman at her high school and she has a very cloudy past. In this high school, she will find friends to help her and shady figures shes not sure what to make of.

Created by: ilyvolleyball

  1. I searched through my closet for something, anything to wear. I had to find something perfect to wear. Today is my first day at Fairweather High School. I have to make a good deciding. It will make a lasting impression. Even if it was the same people everyone changes during high school. I looked at my Candies bracelets, I had started wearing them last year, when they got popular, I knew they would no longer be, but I could not take them off. I needed them, They were a part of me, even if people would think im a druggie. I finally decided on a regular graphic tee and some plain jeans. My bracelets didn't match very well but it was ok. Better than the alternative. I ran downstairs only to be greeted by my beautiful older sister, Jessica. Not only was Jessica gorgeous but I also had no self esteem, now to be born into the same family as Jessica, that was just a cruel fate. "Alison? Are you really going to wear those.. Things on your wrist?" She said pointing to my candies. Jessica was the more beautiful, more popular me. Her hair was dyed blonde from both of our natural dark brown. Her green eyes were outlined in black perfectly eyeliner and mascara. She looked at me dissaprovingly. "Yes. Jessica I am." I said, irritated. Jessica always thought she knew what was best for me. Well maybe, I didnt want to be on varsity cheer. Has she ever thought of that!? She turned away and went back to hogging our shared bathroom.
  2. I went to the kitchen and my dad was sitting at the table, reading the nespaper like a typical dad. My mom left us when I was only three so I never really knew her. "Good morning" I said, as I grabbed a granola bar out of the pantry. "Good morning sweetheart, how did you sleep?" I smiled. Such a typical parent child conversation. I sat next to him and looked over his shoulder. I caught a sports headline. "So how about those.." I looked closer. "Colts, huh? Nice win." I said, taking a drink of his coffee. He laughed. I loved hearing my dad laugh. "Alison, honey the Colts lost." He said. I took a closer look at the paper and sipped his coffee. "Hmm."I said, "yeah that seems about right." He laughed again and got up, taking his coffee. I smiled. "Are we ready to go?" He asked. "I am, but the princess is still perfecting her look." I said. He gave me a small smile. "Youre so much like your mother.." He sighed. I got up and hugged him. "She was a fool to leave. If you were 20 years younger and not my dad, Id go for you." I said. he smiled and laughed agian. "Thanks, Alison." He said and we left for school.
  3. Fairweather High School was bigger than my junoir high school of course, but not huge. The mascot was a hawk and the colors were black and blue. Jessica left after dad drove off, despite his protest for her to stay with me and help me settle in. School only started in 30 minutes so I thought Id better look for my friend, Lena. Lena wasnt my best friend. I hated thinking about my best friend, because I usually cried. Her name was Hailey, and she had moved away from Arizona, to Wyoming. Lena has only been my friend since junior high, whereas Hailey had been since 4th grade. Lena was a bit odd and to anyone but me, would be embarrasing. But I loved her, even as clueless as she was. I called Lena and she answered immediately. "Alisoooon!" She gushed, "Are you there yet? Im leaving now!" I laughed and told her I'd meet her in the front, I hung up and accidentally ran into a girl "Oh, Im sorry!" I apologized quickly, she laughed and brushed it off "Its fine, Im Kylie." I introduced myself then and she left with her friends. Leaving me not sure what to make of Kylie, whether she was a friend or enemy. I walked to the front of the school and met Lena and she suggested we should find our classes. We entered the 800's buliding to find my sxth hour, with only 10 minutes until the bell rangmand as I turned a corner I ran right into a great big group of people and I wouldve fell right on my butt, if it werent for the one who grabbed me and kept me steady. "Woah! Watch your step there, hun," he said. "Th-thanks," I mumbled, as I detached myself from him. He was cute. He had brown hair in the skater style and brown eyes, But he also had a huge crowd. He was more Jessica's type, based on his build, I'd say runningback for the football team, sophomore at least.
  4. "Your a freshman?" He asked. I nodded. "Im just trying to find my classes," I told him. I didnt like being surrounded by all of these people. There were seven guys, including Hunter, and 3 girls, two of which were wrapped around a boy of their own. "Alright, Ill see you around.. Hey I never caught your name." Hunter said. "M-my name?" I asked. A few of the guys laughed. "Yeah" Hunter said, smiling. "Alison." I quickly replied. He nodded and his whole posse left. I couldnt help but watch him go. There was definetely so much intriguing about him. He seemed to like me, but why would he? Im me. Hunter turned and saw me staring. I blushed and looked away, but not before I saw a very distinct wink. "Oh my gosh! Alison, hhes into you!" Lena said. "Oh please," I replied. "Hes probably got a thousand girls lined up waiting for him, and hes not going to choose me." I said. She rolled her eyes and we found her class just before the warning bell rang and I set off to Beginning Acting. I saw Kylie and some other girls sitting in chairs and talking and she gave me a smile but she made no move to talk to me. There werent desks just chairs on wooden lifts on 3 sides of an open space. I sat next to a girl who introduced herself as Alyssa. I dont want to sound rude but Alyssa was pretty chunky and short. She had red and black hair that mixed perfectly though, and it was really long and scrunched. She wore really nice stylish glasses that still made her brown eyes visible. A dark woman with short black hair walked in. She was a little round to but looked fun. She ended up being lots if it, all we did was introduce ourselves and play a fun theatre game called Taxi.
  5. Then, I went to my next class, English. My teacher said to sit in any desk and she'd give us assigned seat when everyone arrived. Since, my first hour was on the other side of campus most of the students were here. I sat beside a random person I paid no attention to. Mrs. Chapman gave us our seats. I sat behind a tall, skinny, obvious mormon soccer player, not that it was a bad thing. In front of some gangster dude who had sunglasses on that the teacher made him take off. On one side was a loud, obnoxious "popular girl" who was talking to her friend, and on the other a seemingly normal blonde haired, blue eyed boy sat next to me. He was smiling, showing off perfect slightly crooked but brillianly white teeth. His blonde hair was messily cropped to his head and spiked. "Hey Im Darian. My friends call me Dare. Ok they really dont but im trying to make it a thing, im rambling arent I? Let me start over. Hi my name is Darian." He said. I laughed. "Hi Darian, Im Alison." I replied, shaking his hand. "Alison, nice name.." He said. I gave an akward smile."Yeah, sure ." I said. He laughed. Class ended and Darian caught up with me in the hall. "So, Alison, I was wondering if, maybe you wanted to sit with me and some friends at lunch?" He asked. "That would be great if my friend Lena can too," I gladly accepted. He smiled big and agreed. "Great! Whats your 4th hour? Ill find you and we can look for Lena." He asked. I told him History and he said he'd find me.
  6. I went to computers, which was in the 300 building, it was a useless class, and I wasnt completely sure why id taken it over PE, I was mad that I did until a super cute tall emo looking guy walked in, he wore a plain black T-shirt and dark jeans. He had black hair that was naturally straight with a slight wave in it and covered one of his eyes. He was pale, and of course very tall, I decided he had to be an upperclassman. Probably junior, ouch. Dont wanna go there. Fortunately, Gorgeous got to sit by me and I got a look at his beautiful blue eyes. Unfortunately, Gorgeous didnt say a word to me until at the end of class he handedmy a syllabus and our hands brushed. "Sorry," I blushed. He smiled. "Its alright, Im Serys, by the way," He said. "Alison," I replied, with a smile. That was all and the bell rang shortly after. After computers, I had History. My teacher seemed pretty cool, all we really did was introduce ourselves. Her name was Mrs. Smith. I was assigned to sit by a really skinny emo girl who also looked like she.. hung out with the wrong people, know what I mean? She had Candies like me and I couldnt help but wonder if they hid the same secret as mine.
  7. I walked out of the bulding and started to look for Darian. There were mobs of people shoving past me and a bunch of guys passing by slowly, taking time to look at me. I were totally lost until.. "Alison!" Darian called. I turned to see him running towards me. "Oh thank God! I was so lost!" I exclaimed. He laughed. "So whats Lena's class, where should we meet her?" It comforted me to hear him talk about Lena like all three of us were good friends. "Math," I said and we waited outside the 800's building, the flow of people stared large and from the transition from large to small, I saw him. He was walking with a friend I didnt know, he was still gorgeous, in a way, only I could find extraordinary. His brown eyes that I often got lost in never met my own, as if, I didnt exist which, in terms of him I often felt I didnt. His hair seemed to shape around the glasses that made most guys nerdy but only madehim more perfect. Even his lack of muscles was not unattractive to me. He was all I could see. My heart shattered, one agian as it always did when I saw him. I begged myself to drag my eyes away, to forget. But I could never.
  8. "Alison?" It was Lena's voice that pulled me back into the present. She looked at me with concern but I only smiled the fake smile I had, sadly, perfected over the last year. "Hey, sorry, spacing out. Lena, this is Darian, he wants us to sit with him." I told her. She smiled at Darian and agreed. I dont want to be rude at all, but Lena is not the prettiest flower on the bush. Not ugly, definitely not ugly, but she never tried to be pretty. Her hair was thick, frizzy and wavy and she never did anything with it and, although she brushed it every morning, it would always get tangled and look messy, and she never tended to it. Her eyes didnt bug out but had an akward shape and she wasnt the best at applying her makeup to compliment it, that was, when she wore makeup, and it was only ever eyeliner. Then agian, she was worse at applying her eyeshow and often got them uneven, but even I did too sometimes, it was never noticeable. The worst thing probably was her fashion sense. She either wore ugly designed clothes, or wore a cute shirt but wore it wrong. She'd never had a boyfriend in her life and I always felt bad. Now more than ever because I saw the way she looked at Darian.
  9. Lunch was uneventful so soon I was off to Biology. Biology was a sophomore level class that some students had the option of taking. Mr. McKinley handed me a paper as I walked in that was a science contract and told me to sit in the back. I was writing my name on the paper when someone sat next to me. I looked up into the brown eyes of the man I know as Hunter. "Oh, hey, Hunter right?" I tried to play it cool but, it was a little difficult when I saw those brown eyes so different from.. HIS. He smiled. "Yeah, I sit next to you, so looks like we'll be seeing alot of each other huh?" he said. Hunter was talking to me for the rest of the period while Mr. McKinley gave a slideshow on safety procedures. At the end of class Hunter left abruptly with some friends. It only left me with the conclusion he couldnt like me.
  10. My last class was Algebra. Mrs. Green came off as a total b---- but Kylie was in this class, too and sat behind me. I hoped I would make a friend out of Kylie. She seemed really sweet adn like she had alot of friends. I definitely didnt want to be on her bad side. Class was boring and I was right about my assumption of Mrs. Green. We had aa homework assignment on the first day of school. Lame. When, the bell rang, I left class and while walking to the front of the school I ran right into Serys. He grabbed my wrist and steadied me, off of instinct I ripped it away violently. He was taken aback but didnt say anything. We both stood there for a moment. "I have to go." I stated. "Alison..!" He said. I turned to face him but he just stood there, so I turned and left. My dad and Jessica were already in the car. As we drove away, I saw Serys watching.
  11. When I got home I checked my phone nd I of course had a text message from Hailey. Hailey and I met in 4th grade. It was when I first moved back in with my dad and went to the same elemenntary school as her. I didnt know anybody so she said hi and we totally clicked. Since then, we've been inseperable. In sixth grade, Hailey moved to Aphace junction and didnt go to the same junior high as me the next year. Of course we were still super close and I spent every weekend at her house. Hailey was always there for me even when the thing with.. him, I still cant say his name, and when that spiraled me into my ultimate secret, the worst mistake I ever made. I took my Candies off to reveal the raised white lines. They put me in the hospital twice and my dad sent me to a "rehab center" for a month after the second time. The rehab center didnt help. I ended up in the hospital a third time for overdose. I took two full bottles of Exedrin and had to get my stomache pumped. All because of him. I dont know why I felt so attached. I dont know why I needed him so terribly, why I couldnt get over him. Maybe because he led me on so greatly my infatuation seemed like love and he would have been my first love.
  12. Anyway, back to Hailey, since Hailey was there for me she got very angry when I first cut and flipped out on me. Not to much later, she started cutting. Now I have to feel forever responsible for her own downfall. Hailey is big boned. Not fat, and im not saying that just because shes my best friend. She is really tall so has a wide ribcage to hold up her physique which she mistook for fat. Now, if you believe your fat, cutting and Anorexia come hand in hand. And Anorexia leads to Bulimia. Hailey was bad. She would go days without eating anything, only drinking water. She was convinced she was fat even when she lost it all. Just her bones were protruding, her large ribcage that she hated with passion. My best frined was now so different. The girl who always watched kids, always wanted to be a mother, the best there was, was now okay with the fact if she kept this up, she would loose the ability to concieve a child. And the worst part for me? Well, after the doctor gives you the news you'll never bare children, he starts counting the months you have before you die of malnutrition.
  13. So I stopped cutting, hoping she would see that if I could do that, she could do it. She barely even notiiced, while for me, it was the hardest thing Ive ever done in my life. Cutters will see that cutting is an outlet for their madness. Studies show that 1 out of 10 teenagers in the United States self harm. They need to do better research. They should count all the people who say their cat did it. All the ones who hide it, all the ones noone cares about or listens to. Out of my own semi friends I can count 4 which is way more than 1. Unfortunately, noone pays any attention to these statistics. Self harm is a bigger problem than they think. And it keeps going because its harder to stop cutting than it is to stop smoking, trust me I once did both. I was a smoker for a year, a cutter for two. I abruptly stopped smoking but it was cutting that really got me. The insanity drove me into shaking, picking at my skin, staring at my scars mesmerized by their beauty. I finally came down not a week ago, but consider myself one month free of cutting.
  14. My dad knocked on my door."Alison, dear?" He asked. I smiled and put on my bracelets. "Hey, daddy, come on in" I told him. He sat next to me and held out his hand for my wrist. "There arent any new ones daddy, I told you I stopped." I told him as I place my small hand in his large one. He checks, to make sure Im not lying, but he trusts me. "Alison.. I just dont get it.." He said. "I told you daddy, I cant explain it." I said, leaning on his shoulder. "But I promise Ive stopped. And Jacen helped me daddy, dont hate him." I said. Jacen was my first boyfriend I had that my dad openly knew about. He was amazing. We only dated for aboout two to three months before he broke up with me because he thought I wasnt happy with him. We were still really close, still are. He hated that I cutted and said he lost all respect for me, when I told him I couldnt stand to loose him, he helped me loose the cutting. Jacen didnt go to my school though so I never really got to see him. He was gorgeous. His hair was so messy, in the best way and was a dark brown. His eyes were also brown, I often fell for guys with brown eyes. He wasnt scrawny but not buff either, he had perfectly sculpted abs though. That was a bonus.
  15. Hey guys! I really hope you liked it, if you dont then dont read it anymore. And anone at all who has any problems with self harm at all, please talk to somebody about it. If you want, my email is [no emails]! Dont give up!
  16. Since Jacen came in so late if you like him, click yes so you have a better chance at getting him!

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