S(HE) be(LIE)ve(D) Part 2

A realistic quiz about a regular girl in this world in a case that is far too common. Self harm. If you hate cutters leave now because I don't want you commenting crap.

Alison started at Fairweather High School yesterday. There she met a variety of guys, including Hunter, Serys, and Darian. But also, ghosts from Alisons past are not far behind.

Created by: ilyvolleyball
  1. Hey guys! :D Okay, for those of you who dont take my Demigod Love Story series, I now have to apologize to all of you ass well so here it goes! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!! Okay, the thing is, my friend, (the character I based Hailey off of in this series)in Wyoming visited and I went up there so I was with her allll summer and it wouldve been rude to update quizzes!
  2. So now.. *RECAP* ALison just started at Fairweather High School, Home of the Hawks. she met Serys, a Mysterious Junior who at the end of the day, had something to say. Hunter, a Popular Sophomore, who seemd interested but left her for his friends. Darian, a Cute Freshman, who was very welcoming but also attracted attention from her best friend, Lena. She also saw a friend, well not a friend, she knew. whos name she wont speak. And thought about Jacen, her Supporive Ex, who she still wants a part of her life.
  3. The next day, I got ready quickly, waking up early to snag the bathroom from Princess, to take a shower. It felt nice. I looked at the lines, slicing my wrists, mauling my stomache, malforming my legs. Slicing, mauling, malforming. All words a normal person wont find revolting. I got dressed quckly in my Emilie Autumn 4 o'clock T-shirt and jeans. I pulled my blonde hair up in a ponytail and grabbed my Ipod, putting the earphones in my ears as I made she I had everything. My Emilie Autumn playlist was playing, halfway through Shalott. I liked Emilie Autumn, mainly because she wasnt main stream. I realized how incredibly laid back I was. How could I be so carefree! After what happened with Serys after school, and seeing.. Say his name!, I thought. Ignoring it wont make it go away! Seeing him. Seeing Guy. "Guy," I whispered, his name burned my tongue. I remembered when I first heard that name. I thought he was pulling a prank on me. "What kind of a name is Guy?" I had asked. "My kind." Hed replied. No Alison, I thought, I said say his name. Dont get lost with him. But it was too late.
  4. I was lost in a memory. I entered the photography room at my junior high, amazed. I was in 8th grade and had never once seen this room. It was colorful, decorated with old students projects. There were 3 rooms branching off from this one. 6 tables were messily placed in two rows of three, only one person had beaten me here, I didnt know her. I sat at the third table in the first row. There were 3 other chairs besides mine. The teacher was nowhere to be seen. A few more stundents showed before she revealed herself. She was short, kinda chubby and she had oreange hair. Her name was Mrs. Erickson. A guy with black hair sat with me. I got nervous. Then he walked in. The black haired guy flagged him down, they were friends. While Mrs. Erickson introduced herself they were talking. He slapped the table by my hand. "Whats your name?" He asked. "Alison." I answered. "Alison, cool. Im Guy, this is Wes." He said. "What kind of name is Guy?" I asked. He smiled. "My kind. Anyway, were making a band, this table. Im guitar , hes drums, wanna sing?" I smiled and nodded.
  5. "Alison!" My dad shouted, opening my door. I pulled out my headphones. "Yeah Dad?" I asked. "I called your name a million times.." He said. "Sorry.." I held up my headphones sheepishly. He sighed. "Come on, time to go," he was tense. When we got to school, I met up with Lena. "Are we hanging out with Darian?" She asked, a little too excited. Lena was a hopeless romantic. Me? I was a realist. Still a hopeless romantic, but I took into stride things like hunter not liking me. If what happened between me and him happened beteen them, she'd already consider herslef Mrs. Hunter Morris. Whoa. I didnt realize I knew his last name. I must have paid more attention to his paper than I thought. "No, I dont think so," I told her, she looked disappointed. Throughout the day I panicked about Serys. In third hour, I would see him. Darian asked what was wrong in second hour, I told him I was tired. When the bell rang, I took the long way to my computers class. Serys was already in his seat. I sat beside him confidently, hoping he couldnt see through my facade. I expected him to yell at me, but he didnt say a word. "So.. Yesterday.." I said. He didnt reply. Instead, he asked Mrs. Hundley to go to bathroom. When he came back the bell rang.
  6. At lunch, I was quiet, thinking about Serys and Guy and Lena and Darian. Next I had class with Hunter, he would cheer me up. And he did. Hunter made jokes about probably the most important thing in biology. Safety. Mr. Mckinley would say something like: "If you catch on fire there is anemergency showere her for use." and Hunter would whisper to me; "What the hell will we be messing with to catch on fire!?"And I would giggle uncontrollably until Mr. Mckinley would shoot us botha death glare and Id blush, embarrased, while Hunter made it a biger joke by holding up his hands in mock surrender. But, after Biology, it was the same thing, he just.. Disapeared. Darian gave me his number after school. He was really nice, and gave it to Lena too. I got home and plugged in my phone. I intended to tranfer his number from the paper to text him but when my phone powered on, I got a test. From Jacen. I really miss you, want to see how your doing? Can we hang out this weekend?, It read. I didnt know what to say. I missed him too? I was doing good? Id love to? I couldnt say that. Any of it. But, I did. Then I texted Darian.
  7. The same thing happened with Serys for the rest of the week. Darian was sweet, to me and Lena. Hunter was funny but only in Biology. Jacen and I had plans to go to the public pool this weekend. But I hadnt talked to Guy. For this, I was grateful. I was afraid if I did, I would give in. Id always had a problem with telling others, as well as myself no. When Friday came I finally decided to contfront him. Serys, of course! Not Guy. I entered my third hour, confidently and sat down beside him. "Look, Serys-" I started just as he said: "Alison, Im sorry." We both looked at each other. "For what?" I asked. I knew why he was sorry and he had every right to be. "ABout what happened.. On the first day of school." He said. I panicked a little but calmed myself, he probably wasnt talking about the cuts. He didnt know they existed, I told myself. "I dated someone.. Like that before."He said. My heart sunk to my stomache. He did know. "L-like what?" I asked, for clarification. He glanced down at my Candies and i froze. He defintely knew. "H-How..?" I asked. "Like I said. I dated one. She was always really fidgety when it came to her wrists. She wore bracelets, like yours. And long sleeves. We dated over the summer. I never caught on. I was alot younger then. We were both going into 8th grade." I wondered why he was telling me this. "When, I found out, I broke up with her. Two weeks later, she was in the hospital. Cut too deep." Hid voice cracked slightly, very inrecognizable. "I yelled at her for it. I stopped talking to her altogether. When wewere Freshmen, she killed herself." He said.
  8. My jaw dropped. I had attempted suicide. Twice, the first time I was in the hostpital, it was an accident. I had been cutting and I hit a vein. The second time, I hot it on purpose. The third was the Excedrin incedent. And even then, all of them had failed. How had this girl done it? Maybe she had a gun. Maybe noone found her to take her to the hospital. "How..?" I asked. He turned to me, astonished. "Are you serious!?" He whisper yelled. "I just spilled my guts to you and your using my story as guidlines on suicide!?" I was taken aback. How could he think that!? I wasnt doing that! Was I? "No..! No, not at all! I was genuinely curious!" I replied, not sure if it was a lie or not "Besides, Ive stopped." I said. "Alison. I think we both know thats a lie. Once a cutter always a cutter." The bell rang. Serys was right.
  9. The weekend had crept up on me too quickly! It was already Friday, and I was hanging out with Jacen on Sunday. I hadn't even asked my dad..! He'd say no for sure! Oh, what was I thinking!? I couldn't see Jacen! Even if nothing got in our way. I would fall for him again. And I couldn't do that. Why? My sub conscious mind thought. Why!? Why..!? Why? I was right. Why? Why not fall for him? Why not let him hold me in his arms and take me off into the sunset? Because Alison. You don't get a sunset. You don't deserve one. That was dark.. my mind often strayed off like that, but never so bluntly. I realized I had never been the "HE hurt me" type. I was more of a "he hurt ME" it was my fault, he had to have had a reason to do it. And I was quick to give him one. The door shut downstairs, Daddy was home. I ran downstairs. "Hi Daddy, how was work?" I asked, sweetly. Most parents would reply with: "what do you want?", but not my dad, which made me feel ten times worse about wanting something. "Good" he smiled. "So Ummm.. dad..? Can I ask you for a huge favor?" He gave me a look but nodded. I never asked for much. He mustve been surprised."So.. um.. Sunday.. Jacen.. he um.. asked me out. Well not OUT but like.. out." I said. A grave look covered my dads face. I instantly felt bad. I knew my dad didn't like Jacen, I shouldn't have asked. "You know what? Nevermind. Its.. its not a big deal." I went back upstairs hoping he didn't hear my voice crack.
  10. Suddenly, a very foreign feeling washed over me. I couldn't quite place it but I had never felt such a fire in my chest. It wasn't my heart. I knew heartbreak well enough to differenciate between the two. It was a fiery feeling, like anger, but not and a tiny voice creeper into my head, a whisper at first but soon it was shouting. "Do it! Do it anyway! You don't need permission!" How could I think that!? This was my dad. I couldn't betray him like that! He trusted me! Yet, even as I told myself these things, the voice pounded in my head. You know what, I deserved this.
  11. Okay, thanks guys! I promise to have part 3 posted as soon as humanely possible!! Maybe even sooner((: thank you all so much!! XOXO
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