S&N: Forever Vigilant

Wow, writing is a journey and I like taking people along. In S&N: Forever Vigilant I continue the series by opening up the love triangle even further.

For those wondering, here is the summary of the section FOREVER VIGILANT: Nazilla and Samara Crichton go to a Spa. While they are there they meet Glau who turns out to be more than she seems.

Created by: Phoenix86 of jashykins
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  1. Where do Nazilla and Samara go?
  2. Who do the duo see at the Spa?
  3. What is the employee that Nazilla talks to?
  4. What Model is Glau?
  5. In the car ride to the Spa: what is an indication that Nazilla is changing?
  6. What does Nazilla do when Mark tries to comfort Samara?
  7. Why doesn't Nazilla want to go to the Spa?
  8. What does Glau claim to have no knowledge of?
  9. What is Nazilla's reasoning for not knowing Glau was an M-3 when Martha asks her?
  10. Originally (before finding out about Glau being an M-3) why did Samara think Glau was being nice to Nazilla?

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