Royalty, Seasons, and Love (part 3)

Hey it's part 3!!! I hope you like it!!! So you kinda get a little background on Edward and Reis, but not a lot. Sorry! But, I promise you'll know everything in time...

Anyway, so we got one angry Prince, one embarrassed Prince, one Protective, yet secretive Prince, and one helpful, powerful, yet shy and kinda vague Prince. Have fun with that!!!

Created by: LinxLady

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  1. So you listen to Edward's and Reis's fight. It sounds like they're fighting over someone a long time ago...a girl, by the sound of it.
  2. Someone taps your shoulder. You whirl around. It's Patrick. he's giving you a funny look. "_____?" he says. "What are you doing?" Edward and Reis hear and look over at the pillar you are hiding behind.
  3. "Uh-oh..." Patrick whispers. Reis storms up to you with Edward close behind. "What are you doing?!" Reis hisses. "I-I-I..." you stutter. "How much did you hear?" Edward asks as his cheeks get redder by the minute. "Not much. Only that Reis got someone last time, and it wasn't fair." Reis turns bright red. You can see his gold eyes slowly turning red. Patrick steps in front of you protectively. "Easy brother." he warns. "We can't hurt her." Reis glares at Patrick, then you before he leaves the room.
  4. Edward watches Reis leave the room. he glances at you and shuffles his feet. "Uh, yeah..." he mumbles. "So...I'm gonna something else..." He walks swiftly out of the room, nearly knocking Ian over as he enters.
  5. "What was that all about?" Ian questions. he has a stack of books in his arms. Patrick goes over and whispers something in ian's ear. Ian's eyes go wide and he sets his stack of books down. "_______, we need to talk."
  6. The three of you sit at a great oak dining table. Patrick sits next to you, Ian across. "So, who were they talking about?" you ask. "It was a girl right?" Ian and Patrick look at each other nervously. "it's really not our right to say." Patrick admits. "But, I have to know!" you whine. Ian sighs. "You know that Edward and Reis used to be inseperable?" he tells you.
  7. "What?!" you gasp. "It's true." Patrick sighs. "They were best friends." You look from one boy to the other. Edward and Reis hated each other beyond words! But, the boys looked like they were telling the truth. "What happened?" you ask. Patrick shifts uncomfortably. "Someone came between them." he says.
  8. "Look, ______, I don't really feel comfortable telling you." Patrick admits. "It's probably better if you hear it from Edward or Reis." You smile and pat his hand, making him blush. "i understand." you assure him. "But, can someone tell me why Reis was so mad?" Ian shakes his head. "All that I can tell, is that only you can stop this, _______" he tells you. "You have the power to heal us."
  9. "just by looking at you, i can see it. A spark of something. The only way I can know for sure..." Ian sheepishly reaches out for your hand and takes it. His eyes go blank and he seems to be staring far, far away. "It's there." he says. "It's definately there. You are like us. You have it. You are who we have waited for."
  10. Cliffhanger! MWAA HA HA HAAAAA! Sory, I know people hate those ( I do too), but it seemed perfect, plus it's like elven and my dad's yelling at me to get off the computer. Watch out for part 4!!!!!

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