Royalty Seasons and Love 11

I'm gonna write a Christmas song here instead of writing actual stuff because I really don't know what to say. So, yeah. Here I go: Angels we have heard on high!

Sweetly singing over the plains! And the mountains in reply echoing their joyous strains! Gloooooooooooooooooooooooria! In excelsias deo! Glooooooooooooooooooooria! In excelsias deeeeooooo!

Created by: LinxLady

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  1. So you just came from Patrick's Kingdom of Spring where you found out that he had a twin sister named Jessica that Ian killed because she revealed some big scret about Linna to Edward, who are both still missing. Then, you were wisked away to Reis's Kingdom of Summer and he just asked you what was it?
  2. You pull away from Reis and start to cry. You feel his warm hands on your waist, but you continue to cry into your hands. Why?
  3. "______, tell me what's wrong!" Reis begs! You hear the confusion and frustration in his voice. He's upset that you are crying and he doesn't know what to do.
  4. You lift your head and say no. "I just can't right now." you sigh. He hugs you. "Why don't I show you to your room." he says. "Maybe if I take you out to the beach you'll feel better."
  5. He leads you to your room. It looks like a hotel room in a luxury beach resort. He leaves you (reluctantly) to change into a bathing suit (screw mideval times. You are wearing a bathing suit!) You pick:
  6. Your door opens and Reis tackles you in a hug. You both notice that you amtch and you guys laugh. He leads you out to the beach and you turn around and see that his palace is made of sand! "A sand castle?" you tease. he blushes madly and doesn't answer.
  7. You guys have a great time on the beach. Reis is realy active and strong (he has a six pack to envy Talor Lautner's!) so he is always up for something. You can't help but love how confident and funny he is. He even gives you a private concert and plays "21 Guns" on his guitar for you. he also sings and you have to admit, he has a pretty good voice.
  8. At sunnset, Reis takes you out on his surfboard. You guys sit and watch the sunset together. he puts his arm around you. You lean into him and appreciate him being there. Then, he looks at you. He takes your face in his hands and kisses you deeply just as the sun is going down.
  9. Finally, you push him away. "Wait." you say. he frowns. "What's wrong?" he asks again. "And, please tell me this time." So, you tell him. You tell him what happened to Edward and Linna and your dreams and what Patrick said.
  10. "So Edward and Linna have disappeared?" he asks. You nod. "Good riddance!" he exclaims.
  11. "What?" you cry. "He's your brother!" "I dont' care!" He retorts. "He ruined my life!"
  12. "What are you taliing about?" you say, angry that he is being this way. "He was engaged to the girl I loved!" he says.
  13. "He knew I was in love with her! He decided to marry her anyway! She said she was in love with me, but she was in love with him too! It wasn't fair! And, then, Jessica told Edward about Linna and I being in love, and he banished her! Her never wanted to see her again! Thats why she is evil! It was all his fault!" Then, the strong boy you knew Reis to be breaks down in tears.
  14. Tears are streaming down your face as you try to comfort him. You are kissing him, tryiung to talk to him, anything to make the poor boy feel better. But, he is inconsolable. Finally, after several hours, He calms down enough to take you back to the castle. You go to bed and fall asleep Dreaming of:
  15. You suddenly wake up and see Reis stiing at the edge of your bed just watching you sleep. He smiles at you and strokes your cheek. "you look just like her." he mumurs and leans in to kiss you, but you stop him.
  16. "If you're going to do that, I want you to see me. Not Linna." you say, sitting up in bed. You see the fire flicker in his gold eyes. He suddenly pulls you out of bed and leads you to the balcony over looking the ocen in your room. The moonlight shines upon the guntle waves as they crash against the shore.
  17. "I never trained you." he says. "We were just having fun, until I ruined it. Funny. Usually I'm not the one who ruins the party." He smiles at you and you see the mischevious glint in his eyes again. "None of us are really good with the whole training thing, except Ian. He's the smart one. But, I do know that each element has several powers. Like, I have strength along with fire. Patrick can warp reality with Shields and can fly. Ian is smart and has telekinesis. Edward can turn invisible."
  18. "you have powers that are a lot like Linna's. You can both warp reality, you can both teleport other people and things, as well as yourselves, and you can both create a force of your element that is so strong, it can obliterate anything." He smiles. "But, she has something you don't: fighting skills." he gets in a fighting stance. "Practice makes perfect, babe." You:
  19. Reis watches you carefully in amusement. Before you know it, he has you pinned against the wall. He kisses you and laughs. "You have to try harder than that, sweetheart!" he chuckles. You duck out of his arms and drop into a fighting stance. He raises an eyebrow in amusement. "Defense? If you insist...." He lunges at you. You:
  20. He looks at you in surprise then laughs. "Little girl, big anger!" he teases. "You're a natural! Just get them to come at you!"
  21. "Um, hi." you hear a sheepish voice say. You both turn and see the youngest brother standing there blushing. "I hope I'm not interrupting, but it's my turn to train _______."
  22. That's all for now folks! Hope you liked it!

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