Roses... A love story pt 3

Part three! WOOP! Welcome my fellow gotoquizzers, to the long (REALLY REALLY long) awaited Roses... A love story part three!!! P.S sorry for my silence!

Will it be Handsome and Protective Joel, Weird but wonderful William or Jolly James? Who knows!? Follow sixteen year old Katherine on her journey through love!

Created by: Cherrywhisker

  1. Ok, Hi guys! Ever so sorry for being silent and all. I logged out and forgot the pass. Sad, right?
  2. You open your mouth, but then Joel noticed you were awake, and literally screamed "KATIE!! YOU'RE AWAKE!!" The others turn and smiled. You have an uncomfertable feeling about the new guy. "Whos..." You say before being cut off AGAIN by Joel.
  3. "Oh right, this is James Tamaren. He is my best friend. In case you don't know, he's quite concerned about his best friend's girlfriend" He said with a wink.
  4. *FAST FORWARD* Todays your ejection day!! The boys came back, and now you're going to Joel's house.
  5. You walk into the house and see three boys sat on the settee, looking anxious. Then William sees you, and beckons you to follow him. You follow but James and Joel notice. Joel immediately says "Hows about I show Katherine around?"
  6. Joel leads you up stairs, and opened the 2 door on the left. He pulls you in, leaving the door WIDE open. "This is my room." He says, patting the bed beside him. He told you to close your eyes. You did so. All of a sudden, you felt pressure on your lips. You kiss back, turning it to snog. Joel pulled you closer, slowly lying down. You put your arms around him and snogged passionatly.
  7. After about 5 minutes, finally breaking away you look towards the door and see William, open mouthed, and James, who seems to have fainted. You are still on top of Joel, so roll over to let him breath.
  8. William glares and says "I knew it! You were trying to get time!" The boys start to argue, and you think it's your fault, so start cry.
  9. CLIFFY!!
  10. BYE

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