Rise of the Guardian: Part 6

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***IMPORTANT NOTE***Guys.... I'm sorry to say I'll probably be cutting this series short. Shorter than I expected, honestly. It pains me to say that I just haven't been feeling that passion I used to for this story...

I'll try my best to finish it, of course, but after that.... I'm moving on to a totally different series, with less.... This-ness. I hope everyone understands, I just haven't been myself lately, maybe I'll change my mind. Also! For the results, I wrote some poetry, so, lemme know what you think.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. ***Louis***My breaths growing ragged, I tried my best to avoid eye contact as a male approached me, his body perfectly sculpted like a Greek god. " Who are you? Why are you here?" I asked, my bottom lip quivering at the tremble that escaped my throat. His eyes, hard to make out in the dark, seemed to fill with pride and joy as he shrugged his shoulders. " I'm a guy, and I'm here for her." he said, looking pointedly into the direction of a picture I had tacked to my wall. Angelica.
  2. ***Angelica***Words can not express how confused I felt at the moment. Grayson had done it again, asked me to marry him. The more I thought on it, the better it sounded. I mean, we knew each other so well and had so much in common, it couldn't be too bad to be his wife.... "Earth to Angelica? Hello? You okay?" Zach called out, frantically waving a hand over my face. " Sorry, I just..." "Spaced out?" he asked with an understanding grin. " Yeah."
  3. Taking my hand in his free one, he gave a cute smile, flirty, but not overly flirty, and looked me straight into the eyes. " You're so perfect, Angelica. Perfect enough to transform a doofus, such as myself, into a normal guy. Honestly, your perfection seems to surprise me more and more each moment I spend with you." he sighed into my ear, not exactly a whisper, but not loud enough for Grayson and Castiel to hear in the kitchen.
  4. ***Louis***I glanced over to the picture of Angelica, a small smile illuminating my face as I walked over to study it better. Her blonde hair, silky and perfect, was piled atop her head, her blue eyes dancing with excitement as she held me in her embrace, my head resting playfully on her lap, her fingertips across my face. My heart fluttered as I put the picture back, spinning around to face the guy. But.... He had disappeared.
  5. ***??***Creeping across the dimly lit hallway, I carefully poked my head around the corner, into the living room. All by herself, sat the girl I wanted.... My Angelica. I studied her carefully, her baby blue eyes focused on a magazine, her index finger twirling a strand of her luxurious hair.... Wait. I need to focus. I need her just as much as she needs me. She won't get it at first, but she'll soon understand.
  6. ***Maple***Angelica had insisted on me taking her room for the night, saying she'd take my place on the couch. As much as I wanted to hate her, I had to admit, she really was pretty nice, she just had boundaries, like everyone else does. I drifted off into a pure sleep, a sharp hand jerking me awake.
  7. ***Angelica***Flipping through a magazine, I gave a small smile as I spotted a beautiful girl in the magazine, her eyes full of so much pride. Not just any girl, Maddie. Her hair was carefully framing her face, stopping just under her jawline, her eyes like electricity, shocking yet pure, and that smile.... So full of pride. I was proud of her, and I'm sure Zach would be too.
  8. Adjusting my position on the couch, I flipped over onto my stomach, my legs dangling up in the air as I studied her picture better. Beside her stood a nice looking guy, his eyes full of love as he stared at her. Giving a subtle yawn, I let my finger trail across the picture, my eyes not once leaving their smiles. They looked so happy together. Without another thought, I picked up my phone Zach had bought me and dialed Maddie's number.
  9. " Hello?" a soft voice answered after the first ring, my heart racing as I began to sweat immediately. " Hey Maddie, it's me, Angelica?" " Angelica!? Oh em gee! I have so much to tell you!" she squealed excitedly into the receiver, my ears practically bleeding as I held the phone away. " So do I!" I laughed, her laughs getting louder than before. " You go first!" she insisted.
  10. " Well, a lot has happened. I was kidnapped by Lucifer-" " WHAT!?!" " Hey, let me talk." I scolded her, a nervous giggle going through the phone. " Sorry, sorry. Continue." she sighed. " Daemon, Castiel and Grayson came to rescue me, and both Derrek and Lucifer... Are gone." " That's great!" she squealed, making me laugh at her enthusiasm.
  11. " Yeah, I'm kind of glad. Anyway, then, we moved to this amazing cabin out in the woods, it's.... So cool. You won't believe what happened though. " I chuckled softly, listening to her guesses, some of them pretty ridiculous. " No, a zombie did not ask me to be his girlfriend. Do you give up?" " Yeah." she mumbled.
  12. " Zach and I are dating." " WHATTT!?!" she squealed loudly, her voice bouncing, obvious that she was dancing around excitedly. " Yeah, and... Grayson proposed to me today. Twice." I sighed, brushing a strand of my silky hair away from my face, with a blush on my face. " And you said no!?! You're crazy!" " I know, but I really like Za-"
  13. ***Maddie***" And you said no?! You're crazy!" I shouted in surprise, listening to her give a soft sigh. " I know, but I really like Za-" she started, the line going silent. " Hello? Angelica? Are you there?!" I asked, twirling a strand of my short blonde hair, a nervous habit of mine. I waited impatiently, a loud crash and muffled noise coming through the speaker. " Angelica!?" I cried out, hanging up and pressing Zach's number.
  14. ***Zach***My head rested on my pillow as I tried my best to fall asleep, my phone giving a muffled vibrate. Halfway sitting up, I leaned over my side table, glancing at the number. Maddie! Quickly answering I gave a small gasp as I listened to her wail miserabl, obviously really distressed. " Maddie! What's wrong?!" I asked, my voice squeaking as she cried harder. " I... I was talking to.... Angelica on the phone.... And... And she just quit mid-sentence... And... Then there was this crash and muffled cry!" she bawled, my heart stopping as I heard her say the word Angelica. Hanging up, I ran out into the living room, the place a wreck.
  15. Blood was splattered across the wooden floor, a broken vase laying, shattered, along the wall. Angelica, however, was nowhere in sight. " GUYS!" I hollered as loud as I could, my throat burning from the yell as tears trickled down my cheeks. My girlfriend..... My poor Angelica was missing. The guys came scrambling in, Maple and Abigail right behind them, their eyes widening as they spotted the mess.
  16. ***Abigail***I didn't know her very well, but from what I could tell, she seemed like a nice girl. She definitely didn't deserve to be hurt. Her poor boyfriend. He was in tears the whole time as he told us everything, obviously heartbroken. " She... She's obviously hurt. We have to find her." he whimpered.
  17. ***??***I watched her as she droned on about some guys to a friend on the phone, her face slightly different, darkening a touch, like it hurt her to talk about it. Creeping up behind the couch, I quickly threw a hand over her mouth, her eyes wide in terror as I knocked the phone from her grasp. " Sh." I whispered into her ear, slamming her frail body against a wall as she struggled in my arms. Taking a vase from a small wooden China cabinet, I smashed it against the side of her head, her body crumpling into my arms. Perfect.
  18. Scooping her limp body into my arms, I crept out through the window, my eyes focused on her. So much beauty.... So much wasted talent. Poor girl. I'd show her her true potential, I'd show her the girl hidden inside her. Rubbing the side of her face, I gently dabbed at the blood trickling down her face, the blood thick and crimson.
  19. ***Maple***The guys scurried about nervously, Zach in tears. I honestly couldn't blame him. Once you got used to her cheerful attitude, she sort of grew on you. Like a mole. You get a mole, and once you decide to get it removed, you realize it defines you. It's what makes you, you. Wait. Why am I rambling on about moles? Whatever, I thought to myself, my turquoise bangs gently falling across my eyes as I tried not to be emotional.
  20. ***Lucifer***I could sense her pain. Her emotions growing stronger and more frightened by the second. " Derrek, he's got her. She's hurt, I can sense it." I said, his eyes wife as he gave a nod. " We need to help her."
  21. ***Angelica***My eyes slowly peeled open, blood trickling across my lower jaw as I licked my crackling lips, dry from the lack of water. " You're awake." A haughty masculine voice stated, a tall guy, around my age, leaning up against a wall. " Where... Where am I?" I croaked wheezily, my eyelids drooping as he walked over to me, his upper lip tugging up into a smirk. " You'll find out soon enough."
  22. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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