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  • Interesting name choices :3 I like it! Couple of spelling errors but otherwise, the story is on the right part. Beverly, Upton, Bronwen, those names are rare. Where did you find them? I wonder what she said to Beverly in first period? Reading it to find out :PAs you can see, I'm reading and typing the comment, so I'll understand it as I go along xD

    Obviously Beverly wouldn't believe something right away; there must be more pieces of evidence or clues.

    Oh Lord, look what Upton called the girl. >.> Poor girl! She's a bit too excited to go out with him though, that's something for sure but he should be less uptight and more laid back. Problem's smublems xD

    Ooh, intense ending there! I enjoyed this quiz and hugging puppies is a regular thing for me x3 Puppies are cute, what do you think?

    As for the story line, I think it's wonderful so far! You've got a lot of potential and this story might come a long way in the list of new writers' works. I enjoyed it thoroughly and trust me, I'll be reading more when you update so expect comments from me, regularly! x

  • Not as bad as I expected after taking your other quizzes, I agree with xxblutixx's comment. But what is up with Beverley and why does he have a girl's name??!! Bronwen is a beautiful and perfectly acceptable name for a girl, being a variant form of Rowena (white shoulders), but couldn't in all your medieval namebook you find one acceptable boy's name for poor Beverley? I do like your quiz other than that, though, and will read part two when you write it. Just please, please stop writing sadsack quizzes to moan about people not taking your quiz.

    Bloodred Cherry
  • @Bloodred Cherry... First of all, thanks i'm glad you liked my quiz! :) ...but second of all wth??? :o What do you mean not as bad as you expected? *schoff* and third, Beverley is acctually a male name that later on became predominantly female do to popular use, and this is actually the case in many female names. (Ie: Names like Tyler, Dale and even Noah may eventually become female names in the future.) so if your so familiar with the strictly female name Bronwen, then i'd expect you to know things like that, or atleast not assume I gave him a girl name just for fun before knowing what your talking about, and Forth, I realize that I laid it on pretty thick there with the whole 'woah is me' thing, but I honestly didn't expect anyone to actually take it so seriously I was just kinda like: "Yo, go take the quiz!" and it was the first and only 'sad sack' quiz ive made, but whatever that was my fault and it's not like I'm mad or anything I mean it was mostly nice what you said so, thanks! :D ps: I expect you not to be offended by this since you probably didn't mean to offend me with your comment, but honestly no biggie. :]

  • No! Please do continue writing this series! You're a talented writer, and a story quiz like this would be a benefit to GTQ.

    1. It's a break from the romance and magic (as much as I love them, it's nice to have a change of pace)

    2. Many talented writers haven't posted for a while on GTQ, and, as a result, there was a large decrease in the number of active stories

    Your writing flows quite well with only a couple minor hitches (mostly spelling errors, but if you run it through a word processor with a built-in spell check before you post, that would smooth it out)

    Your use of a wide variety of clauses and phrases and many variances of different sentence structures add interest style-wise to the story, and I feel that it meshes it all together. At times, I felt like it had the aura of a published book, a good thing. I also appreciated the choices below the question X) One of my favorite things about story quizzes is how the writer can add personality to the quiz with those answers, and, all too often, people will just put "......." for all of them, which doesn't detract from the story, just the experience of taking it, I think.

    Now about the story itself, ignoring the quality of the writing (which is very good), your characters all seem interesting right now, and it would seem like Beverley is the general protagonist, Upton is the mysterious, closed one, Bronwen is the enigma who knows all but divulges none, and Genevieve is the naive newcomer (who might have a little more to hide? The world may never know... unless you write more :D )

    I'm wondering about what the object was, since you took great care not to talk about it, and so, I do hope you post a part 2! Don't be discouraged, please, it's always tough in the beginning :)

    P.S. Oh no... I did it again >.< sorry for the long comment eating up space on your comments board, I go overboard sometimes (don't let me sca

  • You're really talented! I really enjoyed reading this and I like the cliff hanger at the end. It keeps me wanting to read more. Great job :)

  • I know you're famouse for your extra long comments, but I love them! and I knew about the spelling errors, too. I was just to lazy to back and fix them :/ ...but thankyou! I'm very flattered that you enjoyed it so much! ^__^

  • I'm pretty curious about what'll happen next. So good job.

  • I stopped after the fact that there is a person named 'Upton'.

  • Pretty cool story! Keep it up!

  • *hugs puppy*

  • **

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