Red Hands...(part 1)

So I promised in a previous quiz of mine that i would start making a story quiz void of magic and romance, in order to keep the quiz gender friendly. but nothing is for sure, and im sorry it took me so long and i still think its way too short...

and its not even that good but it gets better this is just a set up for the rest of the quizzes and, I did mention that the quiz might possibly be horror based, and so far, thats not exactly true, but who knows its just the first quiz, and im acctually not sure how it will end yet... o.o

Created by: Weaux

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  1. This is a story following the lives of the four young adults: Upton, Beverley, Genevieve, and Bronwen. All of wich are pround students of Otylia High an academy made out to be the absolute best, set far above any other neighboring schools in the area, but is this glorified highschool really all its made up to be? Or is it just another colaboration of hallways, and classrooms filled to the brim with secrets?
  2. Beverley was searching his roommates side of the dorm looking for clues. He had to find out if what that girl said was true, and if it was, how did she know? He was currently raiding the under side of his bed. A shoe box, a dust bunny, a magazene..."I don't even wanna know." the thought out loud. An other shoe box, and... Beverley's heart nearley stoped. "Is that? no it can't be, i-it's a..." "Beverley?"some one interrupted his momment of shock. Beverley stood up as fast as he could, inconspicuously hiding the mysterious item behind his back. "Upton, Hi!" he manage to say without sounding too suspicious. "What Where You looking for?" Upton asked. Beverley was visibly uncomfortable with this situation and struggled to find the right words. "Nothing, Just some, uh, some socks." he said faking a smile. "Well you're not gonna find any under there." he said handing Beverley a sock ball from his dresser. "Thanks."
  3. He took the socks and left. He made his way down the stairs and in to the courtyard. He looked around for the girl he had seen earlier. His eyes stopped when he saw a familiar mass of long dark hair, cascading over a ghostly figure who seemed to be waiting for him. He ran up to her under the old oak tree where she was sitting quietly."Hey..." he started nervously, before realizing he'd forgoten her name it was something weird and exotic, but what was it?. "It's Bronwen." she said reminding him. "Right" he said remembering. "Bronwen we need to talk about what you told me today in first period."
  4. She gave him a look with her dark brown eyes, a look like she knew every little detail about his life, and it made his skin crawl. "Find anything interesting?" she said expectantly. He didn't say anything, but he reached into his pocket. "This." he handed her the mysterious object he found under his bed . "is this proof enough for you?" she aked. "I, I don't know." he stumbled. "Think about it Beverley, how else could Upton get a hold of this? and what exactly did you thing he'd use it for?" she made a good point, but this was just too outrageous of a claim to accept as the truth with no further evidence. "I'm just not ready to believe any of this yet." he admited, biting his lip. "Time will tell" she said in a sing-song voice. Beverley sat motionless, as Bronwen waited for him to say something. "Well talk later" she said saving him the trouble,and with that last pending sentence,she was gone.
  5. ~ Upton whent to the lounge hoping to find Beverley, but when he didn't find him, he decided to wait and see if he'd show up. He sat down in a chair in the courner of the room, and played with his phone to kill time. He was waiting, for a while when a cheerful blonde girl walked up to him. "Hi I'm Genevieve!" she said enthusiasticly. "Uh, I'm Upton." he responded much less exited. "Well im new here, and i dont have anyone to talk to but, you seemed kinda lonely..." she trailed off eyeing the empty seat next to him. "I guess you can sit here." he offered reluctantly. She quickly sat down, and sighed in content. "So how are you liking it here in Otylia so far?" he asked, trying to start a conversation. "Oh its everything I imagined it would be. This place has everything." she said. "And how long have you been here?" he asked. "Just a few days." she said.
  6. "I remember when I was here for 'just a few days'." Upton said mid reminiscence. "Was it every bit as thrilling for you as it is for me?" Genevieve asked with an overly passionate twinkle in her eye. "The thrill lasted for about a second before it really started getting old." he resonded plainly. "What ever do you mean?!?" she sounded like an old holywood actress in distress. Upton was taken back by her dramatic response, but kept his calm. 'This chick is crazy!' he thought before answering.
  7. "Nothing I just ran into alot of problems when I first came here." he tried reassuring her. "Oh!" she sounded relieved. "It's just hard for me to imagine this place being anything less than perfect." she said nearley out of breath. "Don't worry i'm sure you'll do just fine with a personality like yours." Upton smiled to himself. "Aww thankyou." she blushed. "Well listen," she continued. "if you're not doing anything tomorrow, my roomate is throwing a party and i was wondering if you could be my date? she shifted nervously. Upton felt his stomach drop. And his brow began to sweat. How was he gonna go out with this wackadoodledoo?
  8. Beverley lie awake in his bed tossing and turning, he couldn't sleep. His mind was running too fast for him to keep up. Could it really be true what Bronwen said? How would this affect his own life? Would they ever be able to be friends again? He turned to his side, and stared out the window. He could see the court yard, and all the things in it. The massive oak trees, the open hallways that lined the grass covered ground, and the brick paths that lead to picknick tables surrounding the beautifull fountain in the middle of the garden decorating the center of the court yard like a festive reath.
  9. He continued observing the things out side his window, when something more interesting caught his eye. It was Upton. Beverley had been wondering what he had been up to this time of night, and lets face it, he wasnt going to be sleeping anytime soon, so he let himself become victim of curiosity. He put on his slippers and was out the door. A cool wind brushed passed his face as he exited the the building. Upton Could be seen in the distance. He soon turned a courner, as Beverley made his way over to where he was. He was about to turn the courner when he heard Uptons voice. "Just stop," he began, but he wasn't talking to Beverley. "I'll do anything just stay out of my life. you've been making my life a living nightmare, since I got here. Leave me alone!" Beverley's curiosity sky rocketed...but just before he leaft the scene running.
  10. YAY! Time for typical story quiz protocol!!! So that was part one, hope you liked. It took me a while and it was still kinda short but whatever... so comment, rate, and... idk, hug a puppy. bye! ^__^

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