Random warrior cats questions

This quiz is for Warriors fans who want to test or knowledge and I like being weird so get ready for cactuses and cheese heheheheheheheh Oop Welp lets as get on now

This quiz will be going up to the last book of power of threeTip I’m wired and like cactuses and am also lactose intolerant soooo ya have fun, Hehehehe

Created by: Georgia

  1. Are you ready
  2. Witch is best forbidden ship
  3. Who are the children of fire star and sandstorm
  4. Shadow clans main prey is
  5. Who admires squirrel flight in the second book of the second arc
  6. What is lion paws and heather paws make believe clan called
  7. Who are lion jay and holly’s real parents
  8. What happens to the prophecy when holly disappeared
  9. Dose bramble claw become a warrior before or after Squirrelflight is born
  10. Do you like warriors
  11. Last question (answer dose nothing)

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