Random song time!

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The rules are simple. I will give you a few lines in any random song, and you must fill in the blanks with the correct lyrics. Get it, got it, good! Now go. Good luck! :D

I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world! Life in plastic, it's fantastic! You can brush my hair, and undress me everywhere! Imagination, life is your creation!

Created by: SecretlyUnspok3n
  1. You can blow my whistle, baby, whistle, baby. Let _ know.
  2. As long as you love me. We could be _, we could be _, we could be broke.
  3. Baby you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your _ gets me overwhelmed. But when you smile ar the ground, it ain't hard to tell.
  4. Talk to _ friends. Talk to _ friends. Talk to me (talk to me). But we (we) will never, ever, ever get back together.
  5. You treat me like a _, and I feel so low. Now your just somebody that I used to know.
  6. Baby when I'm _ at you, it's not your fault, not your fault. Yeah, and cause baby I'm crazy over you.
  7. I'd like to make _ believe that planet earth turns slowly. It's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep.
  8. Should have know that a _, and _ were your top two friends. Cuz I met you on Myspace!
  9. Me and my homie, yeah baby we takin' _. We're at the top of the world.
  10. Got everyone fallin' in love, standin' there, lookin' _. But if I saw you in the pourin' rain, the illusion just would be the same.

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