How are your smarticles?

Thanks for choosing my quiz I recently got one put on the front page and that inspired me to make this quiz of random knowledge! Weird I know but that's just me!

I am now going by the name DevilishGoddess101 so the name on the other quiz is still the same as this one, Sunny101. I have the song Raise Your Glass by Pink stuck in my head! Luv that song!

Created by: Sunny101

  1. Which word below IS spelled correctly?
  2. Where can you find the largest pyramid?
  3. Penguins live at the ______ pole and polar bears live at the _______ pole.
  4. An abiotic factor is something that is ______.
  5. Slugs have ______ noses.
  6. What is the closest planet to the sun?
  7. When the moon "changes shape" it's called _______.
  8. Thanks for taking my quiz!
  9. Well I actually got a quiz on the home page and I can't believe it! It was about the Titanic and I got over 288 people to take it! I know that's not a lot compared to some people but it really made my day to see it there! By the way you may know all of the answers sense I'm only in 6th grade!
  10. Well bubi and I have a new series, it's not the greatest and it's called Heart Of Glass. I'm going by the name DevilishGoddess101 know just so you know!

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Quiz topic: How am Ir smarticles?