Are you Neurotypical, Autistic, or Omephist?

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I've recently discovered weird things coming from me, like poor memory for a weird reason, selfishness (which I know is bad) and last of all, I rub my veins, which is common for no one.

Please tell me if that has something to do with anything, because it is very weird, I don't get a single f*** to what is going on! And also, if you see anything specific, (ex: soviet anthem at full blast) imagine anything replacing it and check this response!

Created by: Mabire!
  1. If you're in the middle of a big crowd, what would you feel?
  2. Are you likely to judge people based on what they are?
  3. How many interests do you have?
  4. If you have less than 5 interests, why is it?
  5. Do you often make unnecessary long texts just to talk to someone?
  6. Do you talk about only one thing daily?
  7. What would happen if you hear a very loud sound or song?
  8. Do you talk to your friends? (not counting social media)
  9. How good is your memory?
  10. Are you extremely nostalgic to the point where you want everything to be like before?
  11. Do you have anxiety?
  12. How sophisticatedely to you talk?
  13. What is your particular stiming?
  14. Are you drunk-looking when you're tired?
  15. How good are you for a liar?
  16. How often are you rude without knowing it?
  17. If someone's said "heoll" instead of "hello", what would you say?
  18. Are you obsessed with being clean?
  19. How good you are at making expressions?
  20. How long does it takes for you to understand a simple joke?
  21. Did you get meltdowns?
  22. What do you do when you're excited?
  23. Do you have routines?
  24. Would you torment someone you hate if you were allowed?
  25. Do you often live in your own world?
  26. Do you take things too literally?
  27. Do you like to offend people?
  28. What kinds of music do you like?
  29. How much do you support autism?
  30. What is your reaction to seeing very much light?
  31. Do you rub your veins with your fingers?
  32. Do you tolerate absolutely EVERYTHING?

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Quiz topic: Am I Neurotypical, Autistic, or Omephist?