How much do you know the songs of Big Time Rush?

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This is only for those who know BTR, but other people are welcome to try this quiz. Anyways...I added songs in this quiz and you have to find the word-

-that suits the song best. Well, nothing else to say :P BTR includes James, Kendell, Carlos and Logan, four boys with great voices...just a random speech :P

Created by: Wooden Bridge

  1. You have to choose the word that fits the lyircs. BOYFRIEND-"Lemme take a little moment to find the words, so when I kick it to you it ain't something that you____"
  2. CITY IS OURS-"My my look how we roll, was it only a _____ ago every body said we were_____"
  3. TILL I FORGET ABOUT YOU-"Spendin money like you don't mean a thing,I'm going crazy now don't even_____"
  4. BIG TIME-"C'mon shake it up, watcha gotta lose, go and make your luck with the life you________"
  5. FAMOUS-"You wanna be famous,(famous) you wanna be the one who's taking a free____"
  6. NOTHING EVEN MATTERS-"forget about our problems, forget about our____"
  7. THIS IS OUR SOMEDAY-"will the spotlight shine on me? I can't let the waves, pull us_____"
  8. WORLDWIDE-"Paris, London, Tokyo, there's just one thing that I gotta ______"
  9. SHOT IN THE DARK-"Cause I don't wanna waste another moment, I don't wanna pay for things_____ I just wanna race with arms wide open"
  10. STUCK-"But I'm never giving up, up, in the middle of a perfect day, I'm _______ over words to say"
  11. HALFWAY THERE-"So we take what comes and we keep on going, leaning on each other's_____"
  12. Phew! I think that is it? We all know this doesn't effect.

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Quiz topic: How much do I know the songs of Big Time Rush?