Big Time Rush Quiz- Hard!

This quiz was created by two sisters who love Big Time Rush. All the quizzes we found on the Internet were a little too easy, so we decided to create a quiz that you'll hopefully found a little more challenging than most BTR quizzes.

Between the two of us, we know almost everything there is to know about Big Time Rush. Do you know as much as the two of us combined? We think not. But we want you to prove us wrong! :) Good Luck!

Created by: Amme
  1. What famous author is the name of the Palm Wood's ghost inspired by?
  2. What is Kendall's girlfriend's last name?
  3. Where did the blonde Jennifer go in Big Time Fever?
  4. What song is playing when the band comes out of the "Hot Boy Band" chamber that Gustavo built?
  5. What makes snow in Big Time Fever?
  6. In the episode Big Time Love Song, when the guys are first recording Any Kind of Guy, which member is oblivious to Gustavo cutting them off?
  7. How many members are there in Vimpirah?
  8. Who is sitting beside Kelly in the limo in Big Time Photo Shoot?
  9. Which is NOT a song by Gustavo Rocque?
  10. What does Kendall say in place of swearing in Big Time Love Song?
  11. What order do the guys fall down the well with Jordin Sparks?

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