How Well Do You Know Big TIme RUsh (The Show)

There are many Big Time Rush (BTR) fans, but only a rare few have what it takes to be a super fan! Take this quiz to find out if you really are super fan material, already a super fan, or if you need a lot of work to get there!

ARE YOU A BTR SUPER FAN? Think again. Some questions are obvious, others.. YOU NEED DETAILS! If you paid enough attention to Big TIme Rush, you can call yourself a super fan!

Created by: PERSON!
  1. What beverage does Jo like?
  2. What is the name of the episode with Big Time Rush's first concert?
  3. What Are The Last Names Of The Boys (In The Show)(I put them in No special order, just random)?
  4. Which of these songs were in the show?
  5. What are the boy's first names?
  6. What order do the boys get Hollywood Fever in Big Time Fever?
  7. What Happens To James In Big Time Fever?
  8. What Happens To Logan During Big Time Fever?
  9. What happens to Carlos when he got Hollywood Fever?
  10. What Happens TO Kendall In The Episode Hollywood Fever?
  11. Is Jo Cheating N Kendall In Welcome Back Big Time? (Sorry I had so many Big Time Fever questions)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Big TIme RUsh (The Show)