Random Math! xD

I don't really have much to say, only that I just did this out of boredom xP Typing.. Oh, and also, please check out my website (it's that link down there :D)

Your.. Pretty good at Math, to be honest :D You just missed a question or two. But that doesn't mean your dumb. Your probably getting better! I'm tired.

Created by: I Forgot My Name

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  1. What is 5"¢5=?
  2. What is 100+100?
  3. What is 7-10?
  4. What's 5"¢0?
  5. What is 4-5?
  6. What is y if 17+y=34?
  7. What is (7)-5+6?
  8. What's 1+2+3+4?
  9. What's 5-5?
  10. Whats comment+rate?

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