Are you a Math Wiz

There are many people who are smart and good at math. Only some are Math Wizards. Math Wizards are filled with true excellence in Math. What is a Math Wiz? A Math Wiz has the talent to solve the questions in this quiz/test.

Are you a Math Wiz? Can you answer all of the questions in this quiz/test? If you take this test you'll figure out if your a true Math Wiz. Challenge your friends and family to see who can get a better score.

Created by: Eric Peasel

  1. What is 12 cubed?
  2. Which of the following shapes are 2D and does not have 4 sides?
  3. (Random Question)1456x592 You have 8 seconds?
  4. 6+x=15 X=....
  5. Which is bigger?
  6. Which is bigger?
  7. Which is longer?
  8. There are 8 cubes in a bag. There are 2 yellow, 2 orange, 3 red, and 1 blue. What is the probability that a red will be pulled?
  9. What is the least common multiple 4 and 7?
  10. Which is a prime number?

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