There are may ppl in the world.. and i like lost of differnt types...however.. do you think you can make me laugh, cry,, and scream, lol..if you can consider yourself as my knight in shinning armour... if you can dont worry just think of ur self as a knight that has 2 do a liitle bit of work 2 earn his armour...lol

Do you think you are my hero....or are you slipping.... Ma quiz takes like 3 mins if that...so please please please please please.... go take it..... dnt be scared or shy....

Created by: amazon of this site
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do u like short distance running? how fast can u run?
  2. what is ur favorite type of work?
  3. wat are u most comfortable wearing?
  4. was do u most like eating out of the following?
  5. When thinks go wrong wat 2 u usually say ?
  6. How much do u use ur imagintion nd try nt 2 b borin nd be different nd spontanious?
  7. What do you prefer?
  8. Was would you like to do most on holiday...?
  9. wat would you most like to drive.....
  10. where would u most like 2 go on a date nd when..?

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