r u a justin bieber fanatic

this quiz is all about justin bieber to his cd's to his friends and family this quiz is super fun and entertaining if ur a justin bieber fan u should take it

do you know everything about justin bieber what about his fav food or color well if u do try this quiz and find out if you could be a justin bieber fanatic

Created by: haylee of justin bieber
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  1. what is justins fav type of food
  2. what is justins fav color
  3. what is justins dogs name
  4. what is justins dream date
  5. what is justins fav candy
  6. what is justin beibers fav music video
  7. who is justin beibers best friend
  8. when is justins b-day
  9. who featured in justins song somebody to love
  10. what is his fav sport
  11. what is his fav drik
  12. what is justin biebers siblings names
  13. what is justin fav fast food
  14. what is justins managers name
  15. where is justins home town
  16. what is his fav restraunt
  17. what is his youtube account name
  18. what is justins fav subject
  19. what r justins fav shoes
  20. what is justins middle name
  21. what is his fav ice cream flavor
  22. what shoe size is he
  23. what is his fav store
  24. what is justin fav number
  25. what is his fav cereal

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