Are you a genius about Justin Bieber?

There are many people who THINK they know Justin Bieber; But there are few geniuses out there. Where do you fall??WHat is a genius? Some one who can answer these questions all right by heart!

Are YOU a genius?? Do you know Justin Bieber? Is your brain in tip-top shape????You'll find out in this fun quick 10- question quiz! Don't cheat otherwise you score is not true blue!It's just too see how much you know him not love him.

Created by: Kelly

  1. When was Justin Bieber born?(DON'T CHEAT!)
  2. How old is Justin Bieber?(2010)
  3. What is middle name?
  4. WHere did he grow up?
  5. What month was he born in?
  6. IS he in a movie?
  7. What's his fave color?
  8. Is he gay?
  9. WHat type of pet does he have?
  10. Fave food??

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Quiz topic: Am I a genius about Justin Bieber?