R a k u e n ~ 1

Hey, hey, hey, I'm Yuki! Welcome to R a k u e n, guys! :D It's about a girl who has a mysterious sickness (magic related), and the adventures that she has while trying to overcome it.

Have fun if you do take the quiz! See if you are the good guy, or the bad boy, in R a k u e n! X3 P.S: I really do appreciate criticism, so...don't be afraid to hurt my feelings!

Created by: Yuki

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  1. The dark sky is freckled with stars and planets, as you gaze up at it. You are losing your vision quickly, and you whimper slightly in pain. The sky seems to swallow itself, and you just watch as it melts.
  2. Suddenly, you lose all of your breath, and collapse on the grass. Your eyes close tightly, and you see stars behind your eyelids as you lose consciousness.
  3. After what seems like hours, you wake up. Your eyes slowly open, and when you see where you are, they widen considerably. "Huh? ...The hospital?" you slowly ask aloud, turning your head from left to right to examine the very white room. Suddenly, there's a knock on the door. You...
  4. You settle on cautiously saying, "Come in." The door knob turns, and in walks Adam, the doctor. He walks to your bedside and smiles. "Hello, Janie. You took a pretty bad hit to the head. Are you feeling alright?" he says in a voice that is strangely high-pitched for a guy. You blink at him, evaluating his sandy blonde hair and dark green eyes. What do you think of him?
  5. Quickly, you realize something. "...How do you know my name?" you ask slowly, glaring at him suspiciously. He smiles at you and laughs. "Everyone here knows you, sweetie. We all know who our princess is."
  6. Cliffhanger! For now...
  7. Did you like the quiz so far? *shy look*
  8. Comment and rate? I appreciate criticism!
  9. If I chose to continue this, would you come back for it?
  10. Adieu, then, folks!

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