Do You Know All Mysterious Benedict Society Books?

The three books, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Perilous Journey, and Prisoner's Dilemma, are all in this test. These books are about four children that save the world. WOW! :D

Find out if you really know The MBS group and their adventures! The only way is to take this test! It'll be worth it. Please take it? No, don't click Youtube or anything. Just-Just please...take it...

Created by: Brigid

  1. What does Kate always carry with her?
  2. In the second book, where did the children get off the train?
  3. What is Number Two's real name?
  4. Who is the author?
  5. What does Jillson tie her ponytail with?
  6. Where does Constance run away to in the third book?
  7. Sticky used to be a(n)...
  8. Who made the name "Mysterious Benedict Society" for the group?
  9. What is Kate's falcon's name?
  10. What did Reynie answer to the last question, "Are you brave?"?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know All Mysterious Benedict Society Books?