Punishment Decider

Well, lately I haven't been behaving the best. Ive been swearing and slacking off on schoolwork and other responsibilities. Do I deserve to be punished?

This is where you will decide. Choose between a variety of options to teach me my lesson. Ill really have to wise up and start behaving myself soon! Or else Im gonna be in even more trouble.

Created by: Rissa
  1. Since I havent been good, clearly I need to be punished. What would be the start?
  2. Alright, now that the warm up is out of the way, how will I be punished?
  3. If you chose a wedgie, what kind? We'll just assume it happens until the panties rip.
  4. If you chose a spanking, how many swats shall I get? We'll just assume its with a paddle.
  5. If you chose humiliation, how should I be humiliated?
  6. Now that the bulk of the punishment is over, are there any long term additions to really set the lesson in stone?
  7. If I start misbehaving again, should I be punished even worse?
  8. If yes, leave a comment on how severely.
  9. Overall how bad of a punishment do you think I deserve?
  10. Thanks for helping!

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