What wedgie do you deserve?

This quiz is PERFECT what wedgie you deserve. Accommodating everyone, the quiz will tell you what wedgie you/your friends need to give you! Enjoy your wedgie!

After you've taken this quiz, you comment what wedgie you got and a quick description, what the story was, where did it happen, etc. Make sure it's embarrassing!!

Created by: Phil
  1. Which would you most want?
  2. Do you get or give wedgies?
  3. What underwear do you wear?
  4. Public or private?
  5. Do you pee yourself?
  6. How long should you be in the wedgie?
  7. Whatever it is, you must have it done to you.
  8. What would you consider yourself?
  9. Is this a punishment?
  10. How many wedgies have you got?

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Quiz topic: What wedgie do I deserve?

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