Do you deserve a wedgie

Do you deserve a wedgie? How much will you be spared? After filling out this quiz you will get your wedgie deservment percentege. What will you get???

Play solo, or with a friend, who knows what you will get?in this remix of dare you are garenteed to have fun!Note:You don’t actually need to do what it tells you to do. P

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  1. Are you in a wedgie right now
  2. How many wedgies have you gotten this year
  3. How often do you give wedgies
  4. Are you nice or a demon
  5. What tope of underwear are you wearing
  6. What pattern is your underwear
  7. Ghbeditod
  8. Hxñjcnclgf
  9. Do you deserve a wedgie
  10. What is your favourite wedgie pun of these two

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Quiz topic: Do I deserve a wedgie

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