Your Life At Hogwarts

Hey Harry Potter geeks and freaks.Have a nice life. Or an average one! MLIA is the best so if you win this one, you deserve it! Just filling up space.

Are you obsessed? Well join the club!Initiate by killing a twihard or any other source of EVIL!!! Thank you.Have an average life! Ron is cuuuute!!! And Sirius, I would die for you!

Created by: Maisie
  1. What house are you in???
  2. Dream Job???
  3. Favourite thing
  4. Least favourite Harry Potter character
  5. Who are you secretly married to?
  6. Who are you secretly married to
  7. Colour of Yule ball outfit
  8. Eye and hair colour
  9. Best friend
  10. Favourite book

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Quiz topic: My Life At Hogwarts