Your Hogwarts Twin

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I read many Hogwarts love life quizzes. But I wanted to make a twin quiz. Sorry I couldn't get the pics... So get ready to find out your Hogwarts twin..

Whose family do you belong in? Is it the famous chosen Harry Potter? Is is the super smart Hermione? The funny prankster Ron? Or the misunderstood bad guy Draco? Find out your twin and how did you find that you belong to their family. First quiz so no hates please...

Created by: Allana Granger
  1. So Lets begin hmmm...
  2. Describe your personality.
  3. Your hair color.
  4. Blood status
  5. Your crush from Harry potter.
  6. Your favourite teacher.
  7. How do teachers feel about you?
  8. Who is your twin's spouse?
  9. So now I am running out of questions.
  10. Whom do you think you belong to?
  11. Best of luck for results.

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