Responsibilities are a huge part of your life, and you need them to succeed. Take the quiz to find out if you really are doing that well in this category.

Are you going in the right direction for your responsibilities? Do you really know what you are doing? take the quiz to find out if you can live a safe, happy and healthy life.

Created by: clara
  1. Taking notes in class is not necessary, you can rely on memory
  2. it is ok to skip classes, it does not really matter
  3. taking notes of everything the teacher puts on the board is a good idea
  4. you should copy everything in your notes word for word
  5. only study your notes when you are about to have a test
  6. managing your time can lead to good marks
  7. only studying the night before a test is a good idea
  8. keeping to yourself if you are having trouble is alright,
  9. Blaming other people for things you did is ok, you don't want to get in trouble
  10. work is more important than your education, you need money
  11. knowing what you want to do for a career is a good path to take
  12. make sure you know what you are doing before borrowing money from anywhere
  13. its alright to skip meals, they aren't that important
  14. exercising for at least 30 mins a day is a good idea
  15. you dont need much sleep
  16. drugs and alcohol are very impairing to your health when used to much or too often
  17. smoking is not impairing to your health, it is ok

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