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  • What Monster Are You?
    [published: Aug 05, 2010, 12 comments]

    Creatures of the night they serenade the graves,haunt the souls of the living.The Dead have returned to……

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  • I have but one question.
    "well i heard of this one group that had about 30 members.Folkearth.but im not sure if they're rock,and if its only dudes."
    "probably will in the future"
  • f---!
    "i always got my leather on :P will do!"
    "missed yah too dragon :D i miss everyone else too.like vampire and ILM n' stuff. id come on more often but i dont got my own "
  • "but it still kills time.i got like 7 projects to do and 3 exams and one pop quiz to study for .but f--- that."
    "whats up?"
  • f---!
    "i tried doing that but i sit right next to the teacher.bloody b---- watches me like a hawk man XD"
  • f---!
    "art class is awesome but i already took it freshmen year and i need to actually start taking s--- i need XD"
  • Trailer Park Boys
    "anyone ever watch that? straight outta canada it sounds like.i caught it on netflix the other day,its f---ing funny XD"
  • f---!
    "i remember blacky chan.atleast some familar people are still here DX"
  • f---!
    "ITS NOT IF YOU'RE AN IDIOT LIKE ME.GOSH. i got s--- to do! aint nobody got time for that!"
  • f---!
    "*an 2010 and up is still f---ing new to me,but whatever floats your ship."
  • f---!
    "AND I HATE MATH.AGH. f--- learning im gonna go eat some chicken fingers and watch warm bodies on all illegal DVD."
  • Rain rain
    "but rain is awesome"

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