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  • I realized something...
    "Because of my mom's over protectiveness while I was growing up I rarely ever hung out outside of school with kids anyway. Sometimes I wish I..."
  • If you notice this
    "Dude come to Maine it's a freaking adventure and Your hobby would be hugging me because I needs a hug lol I'm sorry if it see"
  • O.O""
    "*huggles* Reallly shocking... lol So today I've been moving out of our temporary apartment, roses in a snowstorm in a U-haul "
  • O.O""
  • VOTE.
    "I like 4, lol"
  • VOTE.
    "Yeah 3"
  • Spam9
    "I bet you've never drank Bailey's from a shoe, you mother licker..."
  • Spam12
  • Spam11
    "I'm gonna spam your spam thread b----!"
  • Spam8
    "Hammer rhymes with Spammer! *beats the hell out of Spammer*"
  • Spam12
    "Suck my balls you damn potato eater!"
  • "What am I thinking of? Change. :P"
  • Spam13
    "Well I'm going to be green and conserve threads space. So I'm riding in the middle of a snow storm after riding with my dad in the moving tr..."
  • Spam7
    "What the f---..."
  • Boo boo boo
    "Ja, I'm not sure when I'll be back on again, I gotta paint this weekend =P So what's up for your day?"

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