What is your dominate personality?

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Welcome to my quiz about finding your right personality! This quiz will link you up with the answer that fits you best. Hopefully you enjoy it and even if you don't like your answer it's not about the destination it's the journey. :P

So what do you think your personality is? Take this quiz to find out. I am not responsible for any pain, trama, horror, terror, blood loss, or heart attacks that may happen during your taking of this quiz. Continue at your own risk. lol nothing's wrong with it I just needed filler words. :D

Created by: xXLolitaXx
  1. What would you rather be doing on a Friday night?
  2. How do you ask to use the restroom?
  3. What planet are you from?
  4. Which of these words describe you best?
  5. Do you know your name?
  6. What kind of weather do you like?
  7. What kind of bet are you most likely to have?
  8. What color fits you best?
  9. What would you say if a normal looking person came up to you and said "Time to die...."?
  10. What if they then said you have 20 minutes to complete this mission to save yourself?

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Quiz topic: What is my dominate personality?