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  • Easter/Wester rp
    "It looked like Mikan, but it was obviously not her"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "I..... I saw a ghost"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "*runs in filled with panic* I-i'm back"
  • Northern war history
  • Northern war history
    "So you can choose either civil war world war or southern war and I'll bring up the names"
  • "I'll give this one a day or two more before I move on to the next"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "I think you mean she's meant to be with me, that dude is an assassin who was working with the girl that slit mikan's throat"
  • The String
    ""those were his parents not him." Screech said with obvious bitterness and resentment in his tone. Toka stood up then used his other arm to ..."
  • Deadline
    ""yeah, what do you want to name it?" Mikan asked (What gender is the baby?)"
  • Deadline
    ""yep iiiii'm baaaaack." Mikan said with a grin and started tickling aikan in the sides."
  • The String
    ""you can't go tellin other people that!" Toka shouted in screech's face"
  • Hey spice
    ""you have a fake gun that shows a lazer beam when you pull the trigger and the goal is make it hit other people's gear." Elra said"
  • My R
    "Norman eventually stopped at the graveyard in front of three graves, two freshly dug"
  • The egg 2.0
  • The egg 2.0
    "No I just like surprising pe"

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