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  • RP Advertising!
    "Please someone join welcome to my world"
  • Project monochrome
    "I need help retrieving Mikan"
  • Deadline
    ""hitana and him have always been against her!" Wester yelled in self denial"
  • "This spell was necromancy, dangerous and powerful, Engle started to cast and all went well"
  • My R
    ""dark green has always been a nice color." Norman said"
  • The String
    ""screech walked up to them. "What's happening?" He asked"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "Yeah he used to go to my school"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "Okay then *Looks back at his northern companions"
  • "Okay"
  • "You are dead attending your funeral, reminiscing about your embarrassing death"
  • ""you seem really focused." Peter said."
  • My R
    "Norman couldn't stop thinking about how warm Adria was. He glanced down at her for a second"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "What do you want to talk about"
  • Easter/Wester rp
    "Here's something to do while we discuss the plan"
  • Favorite Pokemon?
    "My favorite would have to be reshiram Because I've won alot of battles with it's Pokemon card"

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