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  • Formal goodbye
    "I've been on the verge of leaving for a few months now. At first, I didn't want to make a thread about it. I wasn't sure whether or not I wo..."
  • Gtqians
    "Usually, it depends on the type of allergic reaction. But if you're struggling to breathe normally right now, you definitely need to see a d..."
  • 5 year old is only here!
    "Five year olds don't type like this. They're making an annoying joke, but it's nothing to be suspicious about."
  • My venting thread
    "The best thing you can do right now is to keep yourself calm and remember that this was not a result of what you did or didn't do. From what..."
  • Nekos and Darkness
    "I know that it hurts. Trust me. I have been in this position before. But you need to keep reminding yourself of that. It's a fact that it's ..."
  • Nekos and Darkness
    "Eclipse's decision was not, and will never be, your fault. Please do not blame yourself."
  • Anyone wanna wheee with me?
    "w h e e e"
  • "We have a suggestions thread that you can add this to, assuming someone else hasn't already suggested it. If there ever was an"
  • "Your bar goes up if people take your quizzes. There isn't necessarily a set number that guarantees a level up. You should make "
  • The Chameleon Studio
    "I adore how you've been drawing these felines made out of glass. They're really cool and honestly very unique"
  • Y'all
    "😈 oh look, more users to BAN!"
  • Alt Account Tracker
    "Hey Usagi, it would probably be best for you to make a post with a list of usernames rather than individually posting in all of your account..."
  • Hello!
    "I haven't started S2 yet. I enjoyed the first season a lot, though"
  • Hello!
    "It changes for every post. Idk why, it just does"
  • Where the Worlds Collide
    "Listen, I felt the same way. But letting yourself come out of the safety zone every once and a while leads to amazing things."

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