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  • Idk
    "I'm only 16. Bro was 17 and now he's dead. So many legends have died since 2017 First Chris Cornell Then Chester Bennington"
  • Idk
    "I just had a friend die. He was more than that tbh he was one of the realest people I ever met. He was closer than my own family. Half if my..."
  • "there's no cool people left on here. I'm dipping off the face of this site then"
  • WTPO
    "Damn your wierd af I just wanted to ask a question n your trippin"
  • WTPO
    ""I point out other people's mistakes on the internet bc I'm a social outcast who feels so bad of themselves that they do that to make themse..."
  • WTPO
    "Wtf does WTPO mean?? We speak words around here."
  • We lit on this bih
    "You physically can't. It's impossible. If you tried to smoke until you OD you'd pass out before your even halfway"
  • We lit on this bih
    "Hey dumb--- you can't die from weed and it's literally going to be legal soon so you can hold this L"
  • We lit on this bih
    "Why not a lonely stoner?"
  • We lit on this bih
    "But no lie I'm the biggest stoner on this site period. But I have a question for all the users here Are y'all loners outside the"
  • "I threw up on the bus from a juul. It was pretty funny tbh"
  • "^^^^^^^that last part is faxx Nobody stays true to themselves anymore Everyone says to live your best life to just be yourself"
  • "Again, you're taking it too literal again. I'm just stating my perspective. I'm not trying to debate over whatever TF this even is"
  • "Compare how humans acted in the early 1900s Now comapre it to 2018 where the internet and social media controls our lives. "
  • "Your taking it too literal"

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