I've decided life is too short to waste my time on

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Thread Topic: I've decided life is too short to waste my time on

    Negative people, surroundings, my own mindset.

    I'm tired of being afraid of the world! I often just say it's how I am, like it can't be changed but.. I think it's time to change my perspective. Like I said, life is short and can be gone any second.

    So I'm cutting out the negative people and working hard to find a positive place in life, starting with how I view the world. It won't be easy but then, life isn't! I'm going to fight to be happy because I'm the only person who can make that happen for myself.

    Anyways. I'm back to haunt y'all. Not gonna be such a dick anymore, because like I said.. negative energy.
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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    were you a dick before?
    I've done dicky things, yes. A lot of them! Been unkind to people, added to the overwhelming negativity of this world. Before and now don't have that much space between them but one day they will.

    I think we've all been dicks. And hindsight is 20/20, you know? I think some self reflection is overdue. I'm not saying I'm going to beat myself up about the mistakes I made but I'm going to stop pretending they didn't happen. They were mistakes, bad things I did that hurt people and I'm going to remind myself everyday that life is learning. And I've learned that that isn't the person I want to be. I want to be kinder and.. Like I said, less afraid. It's not about making up for anything. Those days are done and I can't relive them. But these days ahead of me, I can be kinder to the people life brings me. And to those I've decided are positive influences for this era of self-change. My sins aren't forgiven unless I stop repeating them. Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same things over and over and expecting different results? It's time to change my battle tactics.
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    damn dude
    good for you, I'm rooting for ya
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    Dust Of Heart Advanced
    If anything life is too long
  • UMakeNoCents Newbie
    Lies. Your either born happy and your good in life.
    Or like me, your born depressed and nothing ever gets better.
    That's where the idea of heaven and hell come from
    Good life= -heaven
    Bad life= hell
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    Stardust1 Experienced
    Yeah you're not born depressed. No one is. Being born into an emotion doesn't make sense.
  • UMakeNoCents Newbie
    Your taking it too literal
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    The Actual Boss Advanced
    Hey Cents lemme point something out

    your insinuating that a good life lacks a heaven. and if a bad life includes hell, wouldnt the good life also include hell? or does good life just lack a heaven? what, then, does it include, if not the polar opposite of heaven? what IS the opposite of heaven? of good life?

    what is opposite of life? death. can you change that, no.

    but you can change life.
  • UMakeNoCents Newbie
    Again, you're taking it too literal again.
    I'm just stating my perspective. I'm not trying to debate over whatever TF this even is

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